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Ideal Industries

Ft-45 Feedthru Mod Plg Crmp Tl

  • Ft-45 Feedthru Mod Plg Crmp Tl
  • 5 1/2 in Crimper RJ-45
  • The FT-45 is a simple, compact and highly effective Crimp Tool for installers and techs that terminate RJ-45 connectors regularly. A single crimp cavity for RJ-45 8-position connectors that can be used with Feed-Thru, standard or shielded connectors for CAT5e or CAT6. Includes a custom, heavy duty cutting blade that will last for over 2,000 cuts. A mechanical design that requires only 1/3 in. to 1/2 in. the hand force of traditional tools to crimp the connector no ratchet mechanism is needed and one handed crimping is possible.