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Digital multi-mode PFC and LLC combo controllers, PG-DSO-16, RoHS

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Наличие Infineon IDP2303AXUMA1 на складах.

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Цена от 147,11 ₽ до 327,65 ₽
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  • Digital multi-mode PFC and LLC combo controllers, PG-DSO-16, RoHS
  • Digital PFC + LLC Combo IC
  • The XDP IDP2303A is a digital combo controller with integrated drivers and 600V depletion cell designed for boost PFC and half-bridge LLC targeting switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) from 75W to 300W. | Summary of Features: Integrated start-up cell for low standby power
  • Support multi-mode PFC operation for optimized efficiency curve
  • Synchronous PFC and LLC burst mode control with so -start to prevent acoustic noise
  • Comprehensive parameters for configuring PFC and LLC operation
  • Configurable and comprehensive protection features for PFC/LLC/IC temp.
  • IEC62368-1 certified active X-cap discharge function
  • Flexible IC parameter setting with digitalUART interface supports PSU platform approach | Benefits: No auxiliary power supply needed
  • Low BOM count and small form factor design due to high integration of digital control and reduction of external components
  • Easy to design of system schematic and PCB layout
  • Higher system reliability
  • Shorter development cycles and higher design and production flexibility | Target Applications: LCD TV power supply
  • General SMPS
  • Power adapter

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