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Драйвер мотора H-Bridge Автомобильный 8-контактный (7 + Tab) D2PAK T / R

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Технические характеристики Infineon TLE52052GAUMA1, атрибуты и параметры.

Lead-Free Status:
Lead Free
Mounting Style:
Surface Mount
Количество выходов:
Рабочая Температура:
-40.0 °C (min)
Выходной ток:
5.00 A
Cut Tape (CT)
Количество выводов:
REACH SVHC Compliance:
Supply Voltage (DC):
40.0 V (max), 6.00 V (min)
  • Драйвер мотора H-Bridge Автомобильный 8-контактный (7 + Tab) D2PAK T / R
  • TLE5205-2 Series 40 V 5 A SMT H-Bridge for DC-Motor - PG-TO263-7-1
  • Motor Driv, Dual, Half Bridge, To-263-7
  • Motor Type:half Bridge
  • Количество выходов: 2 выхода
  • Выходной ток: 5А
  • Output Voltage:-
  • Driver Case Style:to-263
  • No. Of Pins:7Pins
  • Supply Voltage Min:6V
  • Максимальное напряжение питания: 40 В
  • Соответствие требованиям RoHS: Да
  • The TLE 5205-2 is an integrated power H-bridge with DMOS output stages for driving DC-Motors. The part is built using the Infineon multi-technology process SPT which allows bipolar and CMOS control circuitry plus DMOS power devices to exist on the same monolithic structure. Operation modes forward (cw), reverse (ccw), brake and high impedance are invoked from just two control pins with TTL/CMOS compatible levels. The combination of a low R DS ON and the use of a power IC package with low thermal resistance and high thermal capacity helps to minimize system power dissipation. A blocking capacitor at the supply voltage is the only external circuitry due to the integrated freewheeling diodes. | Summary of Features: Delivers up to 5 A continuous 6 A peak current
  • Optimized for DC motor management applications
  • Operates at supply voltages up to 40 V
  • RDS ON
  • typ. 200 m @ 25 C per switch
  • Output full short circuit protected
  • Overtemperature protection with hysteresis and diagnosis
  • Short circuit and open load diagnosis with open drain error flag
  • Блокировка пониженного напряжения
  • CMOS/TTL compatible inputs with hysteresis
  • No crossover current
  • Экологичный продукт (соответствует требованиям RoHS)
  • AEC Qualified | Benefits: Basic monolithic H-bridge saves board area, supports easy control via direct inputs, covers full automotive temperature range
  • No external freewheeling diodes required | Target Applications: Auxiliary waterpumps
  • Agricultural equipments
  • Air shutter system
  • Industrial DC motor applications

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